domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

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jueves, 3 de enero de 2008

my best friends

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

my favorite gadges!!

my favorite gadges is my cell phone because is very usefull it has a high tecnololly because i can use it as a mp3 player and as a digital camera and i can take and edit the videos films. Becides i can send messengers and call people!

my physical description

hello!! i`m anabell ayala, i´m short, i have a taind sking, i have brown eyes, i have brown hair, i´m a littel heavy and beautifull. =)

my friends!!!

my friend ludim! her name is ludim she´s from bachaquero she's a student from URBE school. She´s 18 years old.
She lives in maracaibo. She likes sleeping and eating. she dislikes geting up earling and weekends.
her dreams are graduate from grafic desing.
Her opinion about english is that is interestin and important.

My friend luis!. his name is luis he´s from maracaibo he´s student from urbe university. he´s 18 years old. he lives in maracaibo.
He like parties. he dislikes geting up early on weekends. his dreams are be a god profesional and be DJ.
his opinion about english is that is important and hes´s like it.

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

about beauty

the meaning of beauty to me.

the beauty is something that every people want to obtain, but perfect beauty is dificul to find because it is not absolut and many people do not know it.The beauty is all we have in our interior and exterior.

There is the physical beauty and the interior one. The physical beauty is what we see outside, the body, the face is what every person wanted to have.

The internal beauty is what a person is like , how he or she treats people, the sincerity, the personality.

I think internal beauty is the most important because it says everithing about a person and then you can identify id a person is good or not.


i'm anabell ayala but you can call me anix, i'm from cabimas originally. i'm 18 years old and i'm studying graphic desing at urbe.
i love music, dancing, going to parties and talking whit my friends.
i hate smoking, getting up early on weekends and washing the dishes.
I'd like to be the best graphic designer, a famous singer and have a lot of money.

About English, I think that it is the most important lenguage, It's spoken in the whole world and is the easiest language. I like American programs very much and the movies.
The most difficul about this language, for me is the writing I need practice it more.